Hop cones


Active substance - lupulinincludes lignin, tannin, wax, resins, amarin, essential oils and other components. In addition, hop cones contain active flavonoids, phytoestrogens, and organic acids.

Release form

Hop cones are produced in briquettes, which are packed in packages of 2.5 - 5 grams, granular hop cones are found in packages of 25-50 grams, while the powder from hop cones is packaged in 1.5-2 gram filter bags.

The crushed raw material of hop cones can be found in packs of 25-50 grams.

Pharmachologic effect

Dietary supplement has sedativecapillary strengthening hyposensitizingand analgesic effect.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

As a means of plant origin, hop cones have a calming (sedative) effect, which is associated with its constituent bitter substance - lupulin. It is a whole complex of biologically active compounds, including flavonoids, hormonesand various vitaminsable to influence anti-inflammatory, capillary strengthening, hyposensitizingand painkiller. In addition, extracts from hop cones have regenerative, bactericidaland fungicidalproperties. Antimicrobialexposure is due to the presence of bitter acids such as humulonand lupulon. Was noted estrogenactivity of extracts from hop cones.

Indications for use

This dietary supplement is effective:

  • at increased nervous excitabilitysleep disturbances or neurocirculatory dystonia (NDC);
  • with inflammatory diseases of the skin and mucous membranes, which are accompanied by various allergic manifestations.

Perhaps the use of monotherapy and combination treatment.

In addition, hop cones can be used for hair dandruff, baldness, as well as for complex strengthening and hair growth.


Hypersensitivity to substances that make up plants hops (in lat. Humulus).

Side effects

As a result of ingestion, nausea, vomiting, and other dyspeptic disorders, abdominal pains, headaches, the appearance of a feeling of fatigue, especially with an overdose.

Hop cones, instructions for use (Method and dosage)


It is necessary to prepare an infusion of crushed raw materials in a dosage of 1 table. spoon for 1 std. a glass of water and take 0.25 glasses in 3 doses during the day.


It is recommended to moisten the gauze with infusion and apply it as a bandage to the affected area.


Overdose can cause nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, apathyand general fatigue.


Studies for dietary supplements are not conducted.

Terms of sale

OTC sale.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to support:

  • dryness;
  • darkness
  • temperature up to 25 ° Celsius;
  • limited access for children.

Shelf life

It is possible to use within two years from the date of packaging.

Special instructions

You can store the prepared infusion for 2 days in a cool place.


Matches for ATX Level 4 code:PantogarCardonatePantovigarBiotredin

The healing properties of hop cones have a fairly wide spectrum with a unique chemical composition, therefore it is almost impossible to find a structural analogue to this dietary supplement, you can only try to find a generic of a similar pharmacological action - sedative, antioxidant, analgesic, etc., but it is too large.

If you have determined that this remedy is not suitable for you, but you want to find a substitute, then it is better to consult a family doctor.

Hop Cones Reviews

In various forums you can find reviews on how hop cones help to increase the bust. Some patients claim that the effect occurs literally on the 2nd-3rd day, the breast swells and gives in a few months an increase of approximately half the size. It is also believed that the oil of hop cones is an indispensable tool for "tired" skin: so rubbing it for several minutes gives the skin firmness, elasticity, and also tones. It can be used both for the chest, décolleté, and other problem areas with cellulite or dryness.

The price of hop cones, where to buy

Today, the population has no problem where to buy this herbal preparation; it can be purchased at a pharmacy or ordered on specialized sites via the Internet. You can buy hop cones on average at a price of 85 rubles per 25 gram package, 115 rubles per 50 gram package of raw materials.

  • Online pharmacies in UkraineUkraine


  • Hops cones Supplements 50g PrAT "LĐľktravi", m. Zhytomyr, Ukraine36 UAH order

Pani Pharmacy

  • Hops cones tea Hop cones 50g Ukraine, Lectrava PJSC 40 UAH order
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