One suppository Ichthyol contains 200 mg of active ingredient ichthammol+ auxiliary ingredients (vitepsol).

Ichthyol ointment is produced in two dosages with the content of the active component per 100 grams of 10 or 20 grams + polyethylene glycol 400, polyethylene glycol 1500, petroleum jelly.

Release form

Candles with ichthyolusually dark brown, torpedo-shaped, have a specific smell. Sold in packs of 5 pieces, in a cardboard box of 5 or 10 candles.

The ointment is homogeneous, dark brown, almost black, has a characteristic odor. The medicine is available in two dosages, packaged in tubes or jars, with a capacity of 25, 100, 800, 1800 grams, depending on the manufacturer.

Pharmachologic effect

Anti-inflammatory, analgesic (local), antiseptic.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

What ichthyol?

The Pharmacopoeia indicates that this substance - ammonium bituminosulfonate salt, obtained from resins (derivatives of oil shale). In medicine, medicines based on this component began to be used back in the 80s of the 19th century for treatment gout, rheumatism etc. Clean ichthyol not used, on its basis make ointments and suppositories for use in medical practice.

Medicines containing this component have local anesthetic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, keratoplastic action. Also, ointment and suppositories can improve blood circulation in the skin. The substance moderately irritates the nerve endings, thereby reducing their sensitivity, leading to denaturation protein molecules, regulates the normal tone of blood vessels.

The drug is not absorbed into the systemic circulation, it has an exclusively local effect on the skin or mucous membrane.

Indications for use

What is Ichthyol ointment for?

Ointment has a fairly wide range of applications, it is prescribed for burns, neuralgia, arthritis, eczema, erysipelas, rheumatism, for the treatment of acne.

The dosage form of the “candle” is used for hemorrhoids and other inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs.


The drug can not be used by people with allergies on the components of the product and ichthyol.

Side effects

The use of ichthyol ointment can lead to the development of allergic reactions local nature - skin rashes, itching, redness, burning, especially at the beginning of therapy.

If the above reactions appear, treatment should be discontinued.

Instructions for use (method and dosage)

Candles Ichthyol, instructions for use

At parameter, prostate and measure candles are carefully inserted into the rectum. According to the instructions for use, ichthyol suppositories are prescribed in an amount of 1-2 pieces per day.

Candles Ichthyol with hemorrhoids It is recommended to use after an enema.

The course of treatment is determined by the doctor.

Ointment Ichthyol, instructions for use

Outwardly. The drug is applied in a thin layer to the affected areas 3 times a day.

A dressing can be applied over the ointment or left in the fresh air.

The duration of therapy is determined by the attending physician.


There are no reports of an overdose of the drug.


It is highly recommended not to mix the drug with other drugs for external use. The drug is incompatible with solutions iodide salts, alkaloids, salts of heavy metals.

Terms of sale

No recipe required.

Storage conditions

Store in the original packaging in a cool, dry place, away from children.

Shelf life

2 years.

Special instructions

The drug does not affect the ability to drive machinery or a car.


Matches for ATX Level 4 code:Naftalan oilNaftadermVinylinHydrogen peroxidePotassium permanganateIodoformPantocideBrilliant greenEtericideSodium TetraborateMethylene BlueElecasolFormalinFormagelAseptolinXeroformVitaonOlazolFormidronOctenisept

Antiseptol, Biocept, Vishnevsky Ointment, Bioantisept, Brilliant Green, Potassium Permanganate, Manisoft, Tea Tree Oil, Methylene Blue, Fucortsin, Chlorophyllipt, Elecasol.

During pregnancy and lactation

The safety and effectiveness of the drug during pregnancy or lactation have not been studied.


Due to the wide range of applications and low cost, reviews about Ichthyol are extremely positive. Ointment is often used in the fight against acne, inflammation and abscesses. Some are confused by the unpleasant odor of the product and the dryness of the skin after application.

Reviews of candles Ichthyolum in gynecology also very good:

“Natural remedy at a penny price. I was prescribed by a gynecologist. After using 2 packs rectally at night, the symptoms of ovarian inflammation disappeared. Ultrasound showed that the sizes are within normal limits ”;

“For several years I have been suffering from inflammation of the appendages. Than they didn’t treat me, but after a few months I had to go to the gynecologist again to prescribe a new medicine for me. The most effective for me was the drug with Ihtiol. These candles are not expensive, without harmful additives, I use them often. ”

The remedy also helps against prostatitis:

“I have prostatitis, I'm 23 years old. As the right side begins to hurt, I put ichthyol candles, every other day. He began to feel better. In the anus from the candles itching, which then passes. "

Ichthyol price, where to buy

The approximate cost of an ointment of 20% with a capacity of 25 grams is 10 rubles.

The price of ichthyol candles depends on the pharmacy network. So the price of Ichthyol candles can range from 40 to 60 rubles, for a package of 10 pieces.

  • Online Pharmacies in Russia
  • Online pharmacies in UkraineUkraine
  • Online pharmacies in Kazakhstan


  • Ichthyol ointment d / nar. approx. 20% of the bank 25gZAO Yaroslavskaya f.f.50 rub.order
  • Ichthyol ointment d / nar. approx. 10% of the bank 25gZAO Yaroslavskaya ff 59 rubles to order
  • Ichthyol ointment d / nar. approx. 20% tube 30g (ind.up.) CJSC Moscow Pharmaceutical Farm92 rubles order
  • Ichthyol ointment d / nar. approx. 10% tube 30g (ind.up.) ZAO Moscow Pharmaceutical Company 103 rubles to order
  • Ichthyol rectal suppositories 200mg No. 10 NizhpharmNizhpharm OAO88 rub.order

Pharmacy Dialog

  • Ichthyolum candles (supp. No. 10) 62 rub. To order
  • Ichthyol ointment (jar 20% 25g) 78 rub.order
  • Ichthyol ointment (tube 20% 25g) 62 rub.order
  • Ichthyol ointment (jar 20% 25g) 42 rub.order
  • Ichthyol ointment (tube 20% 25g) 74 rub.order

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  • Ichthyol ointment 10% 25 gYaroslavl FF ZAO60 rub.order
  • Ichthyol ointment 10% 30 g tube Ozone LLC 110 rub.order
  • Ichthyol 200 mg No. 10 supp. NizhpharmNizhpharm OJSC90 rub.order
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  • Ichthyol 20% 25 g ointment for external use, PAT "Lubnifarm", Ukraine14 UAH order
  • Ichthyol 10% 30 g ointment PAT "Khimfarmzavod" Chervona Zirka ", metro Kharkiv, Ukraine18 uah. Order
  • Ichthyol Ointment 10% 30 g PRIT Fіtofarm, Ukraine17 UAH order
  • Ichthyolum №10 candles PAT Monfarm, Ukraine 32 UAH to order
  • Ichthyol ointment 10% 30 g PrAT ФФ "Віола", Ukraine17 UAH order

Pani Pharmacy

  • Ichthyol ointment Ichthyol ointment 10% 25g Ukraine, Ternofarm LLC 18 UAH order
  • Ichthyol suppository Supp. with ichthyol 0.2g No. 10 Ukraine, Monfarm AO 38 UAH to order
  • Ichthyol ointment Ichthyol ointment 10% 30g Ukraine, Fitofarm PrJSC 21 UAH order
  • Ichthyol ointment Ichthyol ointment 10% 30g Ukraine, Red Star OJSC 20 UAH order
  • Ichthyol ointment Ichthyol ointment 20% 25g Ukraine, Lubnyfarm PAO 16 UAH order
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  • Ichthyol 10% 25 g ointment in a ban. Pharmacy 2010 LLP (Kazakhstan) 140 tg.
  • Ichthyol 20% 25 g ointmentBorisovsky ZMP (Belarus) 290 tg.order
  • Ichthyol 200 mg No. 10 sup.rect. Nizhpharm (Russia) 495 tg.order
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