The composition of one bag: sodium bicarbonate, dry rosehip extract, sea ​​salt, dry licorice extract.

An herb-free drug is also available for people with allergies on plant components. Its composition does not contain plant extracts.

Release form

The manufacturer produces special kits for children and adults. The kit includes a nasal inhaler and a herbal remedy in sachets with different dosages (1 or 2 g).

Pharmachologic effect

Antimicrobial and antiviral means.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The drug removes germs and viruses from the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx, prevents their reproduction and the development of the disease.

The effect may be noticeable after the first application. Regular use helps eliminate runny nose and "tickle" in the throat. This tool quickly removes edema and removes pathogenic mucus.

It consists of a mixture, which, after dissolution, forms a solution similar in composition to physiological fluids. The action of the drug is due to the properties of its components (minerals and plant extracts).

Sodium chloride, rosehip extract and iodine - antiseptics. Trace elements also stimulate the release of protective mucus. In addition, the drug has a regenerative effect. Licorice extract possesses anti-allergic and protective action.

Rinsing with Dolphin provides removal pathogenic agents that provoke inflammation, and also reduces edema, restores patency of the nasal passages, increases the outflow of pus and mucus from paranasal sinusesinhibits development otitis.

Indications for use

Dolphin for washing the nose and gargling helps with sinusitis, runny nose, ARVI, allergies, adenoiditis, flu, rinite pregnant pharyngitis, sore throat.

This tool is also used for rhinosinusitis, sinusitis, before and after surgical interventions in the nasal cavity, in case of dryness and crust in the nasal mucosa, and, in addition, with irritation of the nasal mucosa caused by dust, washing powder or detergents.


The medicine is prohibited for use:

  • children under 4 years old;
  • with a predisposition to nasal bleeding;
  • in case of deformation of the nasal septum or in the presence of other causes of mechanical obstruction of the nasal passages;
  • people with benign and malignant tumors;
  • at full nasal congestion.

Side effects

When using the drug, adverse reactions such as eustachitis and nose bleed.

Instructions for use Dolphin (Method and dosage)

For those who use Dolphin, the instructions for use explain in detail how to use this tool.

In irrigator bottle approximately 240 ml of boiled water, which is preheated to 35 ° C, should be poured. In the liquid you need to pour the contents of one sachet. Then you need to twist endonasal cap and shake the bottle until the powder is completely dissolved.

Leaning over the sink, you need to attach the bottle cap to one nostril, hold your breath and press the bottle (without sudden movements). Fluid should drain from the other nostril. After this, you need to blow your nose one by one through each nostril.

If the nose is completely stuffy and breathing is difficult, the instructions for use Dolphin recommends pre-instilling vasoconstrictor drugs and cleansing the nose.

Use the drug at least 1-2 times a day. Therapy is designed for up to 2 weeks.

A video on how to rinse your nose, with more detailed instructions, see below.


Overdose data not provided.


The drug can be combined with other means for intranasalapplication.

Terms of sale

Without recipe.

Storage conditions

Keep this product in a dry, inaccessible to children and cool place.

Shelf life

The tool in bags should be stored no longer than two years.


For those who are looking for Dolphin analogues, the closest option is called the Croatian set Aqua Maris. These funds cost almost the same. However, according to Russian doctors, Dolphin is still, in most cases, slightly better than the Croatian drug. In addition, Dolphin has the following analogues:

  • Delufen;
  • Sinupret;
  • Aqualore;
  • Prevalin;
  • Pinosol;
  • Rinital;
  • Tsetrilev;
  • Erespal;
  • Allergodil;
  • Erius;
  • Rinonorm;
  • Xymelin Extra;
  • Aileron;
  • For;
  • Sinomarin;
  • Physiomer;
  • Salin;
  • Nazivin;
  • Nazol;
  • Isofra;
  • Rinazolin;
  • Beconase;
  • Beclomethasone;
  • Suprastin;
  • Grippocytron;
  • Atomer;
  • Naso spray;
  • Rollinosis and so forth

Dolphin for children

Dolphin for children can be used from 4 years. This natural remedy removes pathological secretions from the nasopharynx and effectively treats adenoiditis. In addition, Dolphin for children is used for acute, allergic and chronic rinitefor prevention flu and ARVI, when sinusitispreoperative preparation of the nasal cavity, frontal sinusitisdry nose syndrome tonsillitis, ethmoiditis, pharyngitis.

Parents and pediatricians leave reviews about this tool that report that it is safe for health in its composition and is often much more effective than other solutions, which include sea salt.

Dolphin during pregnancy

Dolphin at of pregnancy should be used with caution. Women need to carefully monitor their condition. The application scheme should clearly comply with the instructions. Dolphin during pregnancy can provoke nose bleed.

Dolphin reviews

Those who use dolphin to wash their nose with sinusitis and other diseases, opinions leave the most diverse. As a rule, they are positive. Reviews of Dolphin report that the tool quickly and effectively helps to cope with problems. However, some of them warn of unpleasant consequences in the form of otitis, frontal sinusitis etc. Such negative reactions can occur if you use the product for a long time and not according to the instructions. That's why many reviews of Dolphin contain information that you should carefully read the instructions and use the drug strictly according to the recommendations.

For children, this tool should also be used with caution. Its natural composition is safe for the body, however, you must use an inhaler according to the scheme established by the manufacturer.

Dolphin price, where to buy

The price of Dolphin for rinsing the nose is considered quite high, however, many people purchase this remedy, as it is very effective in combating runny nose. You can buy the drug for about 220 rubles. A tool specifically for children costs about 300 rubles.

The price of Dolphin in Ukraine is approximately 150-200 hryvnias for the whole set. However, there are kits at a lower cost.

It is believed that one package is enough for a full course of treatment flusymptoms allergies, colds, as well as for the monthly prevention of these diseases. And when the bags are over, they can be purchased separately.

Many are also interested in how much a nose rinse product costs compared to its counterparts. There is no definite answer here. Dolphin has many analogues, and there are certain nuances regarding each of them.

  • Online Pharmacies in Russia
  • Online pharmacies in UkraineUkraine
  • Online pharmacies in Kazakhstan


  • Dolphin d / nasal flushing device d / adults 240ml + cf for allergies 2g n30Dynamics LLC / Dolphin LLC438 rub.order
  • Dolphin d / nasal washing device for children 120ml + cf-1g n30Dynamics LLC / Dolphin LLC383 rub.order
  • Dolphin d / nasal flushing device d / adults 240ml + medium 2g n10 Dynamics LLC / Dolphin LLC 264 rub.order
  • Dolphin Wed-in d / nose washing for children 1g n30Dynamics LLC / Dolphin LLC272 rub.order
  • Dolphin sr-in d / rinse nose and throat for allergies 2g n30Dynamics LLC / Dolphin LLC318 rub.order

Pharmacy Dialog

  • Dolphin device for washing the nasopharynx for children + tool bags 1g №30383 rub.
  • DOLPHIN device for lavage nasopharynx (d / adult + means, pack 2g No. 10) 262 rub.
  • DOLPHIN device for lavage nasopharynx (for children + agent, pack 1 g No. 30) 422 rub.
  • Dolphin means for washing the nasopharynx sachets 1g No. 30 for children Rosehip / Licorice309 rub.order
  • Dolphin means for washing the nasopharynx sachets 1g No. 30 for children Rosehip / Licorice 300 rub. Order

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  • Dolphin means for washing the nose for children n30 sachets Dolphin LLC305 rub.order
  • Dolphin device plus means for adults for washing the nose 30 pcs. FarmPak LLC / Federal Law Immunoleks LLC 480 rubles to order
  • Dolphin device plus adult nasal rinse aid n10 Dolphin LLC / Alvogen LLC 290 rub.order
  • Dolphin device plus means for children for washing the nose 30 pcs. Dolphin420 rub.order
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  • Dolphin otorhinolaryngological system for washing the nose individual capacity 240 No. 30 + set with system (recipe No. 1) TOV "Zdravnik", Ukraine192 UAH order
  • Dolphin means for the otorhinolaryngological device for nose washing sachet 2g No. 30 (recipe No. 1) TOV "Zdravnik", Ukraine144 UAH.order

Pani Pharmacy

  • Dolpfin Dolphin Children's Otolaryngological device for washing the nose 120ml 1g №30 Ukraine, Zdravnik LLC 182 UAH order
  • Dolpfin Dolphin Device otolaryngol. for washing the nose 240ml + 2g. №30 Ukraine, Zdravnik 265 UAH order
  • Dolphin Dolpfin Dolphin Otolaryngological device for washing the nose 240ml + 2g. No. 10 Ukraine, Zdravnik LLC 165 UAH order
  • Dolphin Dolphin Children Hygiene product for washing the nose with plant extracts 1g. №30 Ukraine, Zdravnik 152 UAH order
  • Dolphin Dolphin Hygiene product for washing the nose with plant extracts 2g. №30 Ukraine, Zdravnik 195 UAH order
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  • Dolphin device for washing the nasal cavity (+ cf-d / washing. 30 pack.) Dynamics LLC (Russia) 2 tg.order
  • Dolphin means for washing the nasal cavity No. 30 Pak.Dynamika LLC (Russia) 1 tg.order
  • Dolphin device for washing the nasal cavity 240 ml complete with means for washing 2 g No. 10 pack. Dynamics LLC (Russia) 1 tg.order
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